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Excerpts from
Stepping Into The Circle
- Healing Parables for a New Century

A collection of deceptively simple and wonderfully entertaining parables speak to that part of us that knows and longs for a different way of being in the world.

The Cloak of Silence in the Land of Busydom  Read Excerpt

Through the eyes of young Shaun and his relationship with “The Misfit”
we see the incessant work ethic of the Land of Busydom both questioned and challenged.


When Balance enters their lives, her parents experience a great shift in perspective.


Long lost cousins Guilt and Shame cause havoc in the peaceful town of Tranquility until their techniques are uncovered and exposed by Grandpa Jovial.

Conversations with Gregory – Child of the Night

A chance meeting of a corporate executive with a homeless child illustrates clearly how we need to be open to the possibility that our teachers may come in  very unexpected forms.

Heart & Spirit in Mind and Matter

A sudden vortex sweeps up the community of Heart & Spirit, nesting it in the middle of Mind & Matter, resulting in a profound clash between the followers of the heart and the followers of the mind.

Coming From Fear

Fear’s rampant materialism encounters Gratitude and Simplicity in the forest of his life.

Dee Nial

Princess Dee Nial holds a favored place in the illusionary world of the Kingdom of Spit and Polish.


Prestige uncovers a deeper side of her being when introduced to Compassion.
Excerpt from The Cloak of Silence in the Land of Busydom

The land of Busydom was a site to behold. It was the neatest,
tidiest place you could ever imagine. Everything was orderly and all of the houses were impeccably maintained. There was no peeling paint or torn shingles to be found anywhere (well almost anywhere). Lawns were mowed to a 3/4 inch fineness, weeds were pulled before they thought about growing, fences were painted yearly and new construction was everywhere.

As you can imagine, this kept the people of Busydom very busy indeed. They didn’t stop from mourning till night. No one slept more than six hours and sleeping in or napping was unheard of. The Busyness of Busydom created the loudest hum of activity imaginable. Outside there were hammers hammering, saws sawing, mowers mowing and paint brushes swishing. Inside there were vacuums vacuuming, washers washing, mops mopping and dusters dusting.

When people weren’t using their tools, they were repairing them. When they weren’t working, which was only at mealtimes, they were planning to work, keeping their minds as busy as their hands. People only sat down to eat, and this time was used to write up lists of things to do, which everyone cleverly pinned upside down to their shirt (for ease of reading).

Smack dab in the middle of Busydom was the busiest house of all. The Workman family always won the cherished “Busiest Family” award. Mr. and Mrs. Workman were an inspiration to their neighbors with their cleanest house, greenest lawn and tireless energy. Their son Shaun, was the busiest child in Busydom. He got top grades in school, had a paper route, volunteered at the hospital and helped keep their house the brightest and tidiest in Busydom. He could think of more things to do than any child around and could ask more questions than anyone in town.

He would ask his father and mother “Why are we cutting the grass when it is so short already?” They would reply “Because it’s Saturday.” He would ask “Why are we vacuuming when the carpet isn’t dirty?” They would reply “Because it’s Friday.” He would ask “Why does everyone work all the time?” and they would reply “Have you finished cleaning the silver?”

The people of Busydom were so busy they did not have a lot of time for “idle conversation” and so Shaun, with his constant questioning, was a source of great distraction. The only other distraction in town seemed to be “The Misfit” as everyone called him.

“The Misfit” lived outside town and people rarely saw him, except on Saturdays, when he would drive to town for groceries. Shaun had never seen such an old car and such shabby, tattered clothing. People would look up from their work and say “Isn’t it terrible. What a disgrace. How can anybody live like that?” When Shaun would ask what they meant they would say “Oh, never mind!” and they would sweep harder, paint faster or vacuum more quickly.

Shaun’s head was always full of puzzling questions and he had to work really hard at staying focused on his chores. He had a lot of questions about life in general and “The Misfit” in particular, but asking them seemed to put people into a frenzy of activity. When he asked why everyone softly cried themselves to sleep at night, people got busiest of all. So he learned to question less and less and to keep more and more busy.
Like It Is Collage
“I’ve a Botticelli belly,
It’s quite round as you can see
Part of the woman of substance
I love to call me.

And if you care to look behind,
My Rubenesque rump
You will find.
A “classic” you might say,
Real woman all the way.

I don’t need any liposuction,
Breast enhancement, facial reconstruction.
No advertiser’s pawn,
I do life with my clothes on.

Pounds may come,
And pounds may go,
Wrinkles only accentuate my “glow.”

For I know “Who I Am”
And in this I proudly stand.

Sheridan Bushnell

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