Untamed Women Of The New Millennium
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“Sheridan Bushnell speaks with the clear and courageous voice of one who has explored many layers of the psyche. She has sought out the jewels hidden in all experiences, both high and low, which she digs out, cuts, shapes and polishes.” - Gloria D. Karpinski, Author of “Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage,” and “Barefoot on Holy Ground,” Winston Salem, NC

“You are a truly motivational and energizing thinker and speaker. As a highly regarded professional, you skillfully helped us understand, appreciate and fully utilize our capabilities. This enhances our leadership ability and increases our individual and collective impact statewide and nationally.” - Maristeve Bradley, Senior Vice President, Bank of America “Leadership America” Annual Issues Forum, Charlotte, NC.
“You were breathtaking. You spoke to me in a way I’ve never been spoken to before…in a way I didn’t know I needed to be spoken to. You reached to the depth of my soul, awakening a spirit I thought was long dead and gone. Thanks for helping me open my eyes to what can be …only if I dare….and I will dare!” - Julia McIntosh, Supervisor, Wachovia Bank, Durham, NC

“Her work taps into our best selves, where we know we really are powerful and have choices about how we are creating our lives. She says things we only whisper to ourselves or can only acknowledge in brief moments when we get our heads out of the dailyness of life.” - Debbie Morris. Organization & Development Consultant Morehead City, NC

“Thank you for your extraordinary presentation to the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Regional Conference. You captured the hearts and certainly the spirit of this powerful group of entrepreneurs. You inspired each of us to rise to our potential, intellectually, physically and spiritually. What a gift you have!”  - Wendy King, Vice President, The Financials Chairwoman, Regional Conference, Nat. Association of Women Business Owners, Philadelphia, PA

“She challenged me in a humorous way and provoked questions about women in society that lasted long after her show. She leaves you with a strong sense of “We’re Capable.” - Kate Taylor, Training Consultant, Chapel Hill, NC

“Sheridan touches the hearts of women by reminding us of what is really important. She bedazzled us with her engaging talk that stimulated our creativity and motivated us to follow our dreams.” - Lynne Townsend Albert, President, Durham Association Of Women Attorneys, Durham, NC

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“I have never met anyone who has had such a powerful impact on me before or since. There’s a river of sincerity that runs through as she speaks.” - Lynda Lopez, NBC News Anchorwoman,
Washington, DC

“Her presentation was one of the greatest successes I have known in eight years of hosting guest speakers in college classrooms. She was direct, unforced, powerful and reassuringly down to earth. The students were captivated, inspired and gratefully thankful.”  - H. Talat Halman, Associate Professor, Religion Dept., Duke University, Durham, NC

“Her sense of humor and sincerity, coupled with the power of her parables and poetry
left people with a great sense of personal empowerment and joyfulness.”
- Carol Richman, Counselor, Structure House, Durham, NC

“I was personally touched by the tributes paid Sheridan by several of the participants, who learned, perhaps for the first time, the power of poetry. Her talk helped them look to the future with more confidence and joy.” - Vincent Joyce, Facilitator, University of North Carolina, Prostate Cancer Support Group, Chapel Hill, NC