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Stepping Into the Circle
 – Healing Parables for a New Century


“Sheridan Bushnell speaks with the clear and courageous voice of one who has explored many layers of the psyche. She has sought out the jewels hidden in all experiences, both high and low, which she digs out, shapes and polishes. - Gloria Karpinski, author “Barefoot on Holy Ground” and “Where Two Worlds Touch: Spiritual Rites of Passage.”

“I have stepped into the circle and I don’t ever want to leave. What a gathering of soul food, healing nourishment." - Idel Burry, Manassas, VA.. (Author, Artist, Sculptor).

“These stories are so profound. I take the book of parables with me on trips
so that, during quiet moments, I can read over them again and again.”
- Rev. Langston Logan, Roxboro, NC (Baptist Minister)

“I’m reading a parable each day. My sister and I read them out loud to each other. I’m crazy about your characters. I can see the towns and homes in my mind. I’m going to share some in Sunday school class.”
- Judy Abernathy, Concord, NC (Elementary School Teacher)

“I am absolutely thrilled with this book. I needed to read it. These stories are excellent ‘food for thought’ in our rushed, overloaded, complex society. Great discussion material for university reading lists.” - Annette Legault, Ottawa, Canada (Government Administrator)

“This book is terrific. It has so much to teach us about how we are with each other. I’ve given copies to my family and all my co-workers.”
- Maria Rojas, Costa Rica (Pharmacist)

“It’s wonderful. There is such a seamlessness, a velvety smoothness with the way the ideas are presented in this book.”
- Sal Monaco, Chapel Hill, NC (Businessman)

“These stories are so touching. You should be on Oprah with them. I’m giving copies to my daughters and all my friends.”
- Colene Guthrie, Iowa City, IA. (Businesswoman)

“Outstanding. A very good book. An outstanding piece of work. I want copies for my family and friends.”
Jeff Gorman, Breckenridge, CO. (Salesman)

Where Imagination Meets Infinity

These works speak from a deep place of experience and encounter with truth and grace. They resonate with the sacred wisdom traditions of the world, evoking the experience that lies behind them.”
- Hugh T. Halman, PhD, Alternative Religion Instructor, Duke University, Durham, NC

This is some of the most profound mystical poetry I have ever read. These
poems touch a part of my heart and soul, I did not know it would be possible for words to touch. In fact, they have the ability to transport the reader to the mystical state of grace from which they have emanated.”
- Stefan J. Kasian,
Founder/Co-ordinator, Mind, Body, Medicine Study Group, Duke University, Durham, NC

“When I read this poetry, I feel divine presence coming through in the form of “mother” in a way that I’ve never experienced before. It’s incredibly transformative, a breath of fresh air, that touches spaces inside myself I didn’t even know were there.”
- Diane Riebel, PhD, Scientist, Health Care Educator, Meditation Teacher, Philadelphia, PA


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