Untamed Women Of The New Millennium
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Excerpts from
Untamed - Women of the New Millennium

Contains the poems and sayings from The Untamed Talk

Goodbye Barbie

Barbie doesn’t live here anymore.
She became soooo exhausted trying
To look "effortlessly" perfect.

Waxing all those parts of her body,
STARVING herself,
Worrying constantly about
Her skin, her teeth, her hair,
Her upcoming wrinkles.

SO she finally made a decision,
Packed one small suitcase,
Full of newly purchased
Jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts
And tennis shoes.

Threw on a baseball cap,
And drove to Colorado,
Where she now tames wild horses.
Ken’s really ticked!

Sheridan Bushnell

Dear Victoria

Dear Victoria:
Have I got a secret for you.
None of my friends
Look anything like the women
In your catalogues.

We don’t like our underwear
Up our butts.
If we don’t want a panty line,
We just don’t wear any.

We’re tired of tugging at the underwires
In your so-called “miracle” bras
All day long.

Our bodies are soft, round, curved,
Made to climb mountains, feed babies,
Make love.

We refuse, we refuse, to starve them,
Work them out to obsession,
Buy alterations to them,
Play ‘seductive’ games with pouty lips
And glazed over eyes,

We are warm, fertile, woman wise,
So please, take me off your mailing list!

Sheridan Bushnell
I'm moving beyond my Self,
It is indeed a long and joy filled labor.
Midwifed by the infinite nature
Of my own raw feminine spirit,

I feel the birth contractions,
Delivering the last rites of me
To the ethers of my self.

Oh, how wondrous the path
As the pupa leaves its casing.
Oh, how miraculous these growing pains
That would declare themselves
Mistress of my destiny.

Swaddled in the soft, pink blanket
Of feminine love,
I rock in the arms of my own beloved self.

Sheridan Bushnell

She no longer gave reasons
Excuses, justification,
For being who she was.
She just left them

Sheridan Bushnell

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