Untamed Women Of The New Millennium
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Sheridan Bushnell
Women Of The New Millennium Speaker
Author, Poet, Workshop Leader, Creative Consultant

Sheridan Bushnell was a featured poet at Canada’s Ottawa International Literary Festival and a key contributor and participant in the UNESCO film “Dancing The Dream Awake.” Her poetry has appeared in the University of North Carolina’s Ackland Art Museum, the poetry collection “Poets For Peace,” Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s newsletter and “The Ways Of The Healer Journal” of the California Pacific Medical Center, granted the distinction of America’s Healthiest Hospital by Natural Health Magazine.

She has spoken to a wide range of audiences from university students to business, professional and university women, cancer support groups, the physically challenged, and literary and bookstore patrons throughout the United States, Canada and France. She has also served as a creative consultant to business in the naming of companies, products and the development of advertising.

Her most recent accomplishment is the creation of “Untamed – Women of the New Millennium” a poetry performance show and its companion workshop “Stepping Into Your Power” that revitalizes and invigorates women to create passionate and meaningful lives. Sheridan Bushnell is founder of Sonorous Press and Spirit Speaks, an inspirational products company. A dynamic, powerful and entertaining speaker, she inspires her audiences to step into their strength, gather their courage and live passionate, fulfilling lives. Using her poetry, parables and natural storytelling ability, she easily opens hearts and minds to create powerful and lasting personal change.
Sheridan has authored five books to take her empowering messages to a wide audience. Her first book “Stepping Into The Circle – Healing Parables For A New Century” examines the cultural scripts that limit our lives and has often been compared by her readers and audiences to the voice of the renowned poet/philosopher Kahlil Gibran. Many others have found her mystical poetry reminiscent of the 14th century Sufi mystical poet, Rumi.