Untamed Women Of The New Millennium
Courage   Creativity   Leadership   Passion   Health

About Untamed Show

This powerful, entertaining and provocative presentation and poetry performance is for anyone who:
  • has a deep desire to create something new and different
  • wishes to live up to their potential more fully
  • is healing from some kind of loss
  • wants to feel better about their body, career, relationships
  • or feels a deeper, creative call to meaning, substance, passion, and JOY!

It moves women from 'settling for' to 'creating', rejuvenates their fire, passion, vitality and commitment to personal satisfaction and 'joy'.  It gives them the confidence to dare... to be powerful, strong, bold, courageous. 

The 'Cultural Scripts' that limit women's lives are revealed in a profound and humorous way... the pressures for 'seductivity over productivity' are addressed in such poems as:

Dear Victoria: Have I Got A Secret For You
Cinderella’s Mother
Botticelli Belly
Goodbye Barbie

The loss of self that can come from multiple caretaking roles is powerfully exposed in What About Me?   pressures to remain forever a girl are revealed in

As you experience the uncompromising voice of Sheridan Bushnell, the poet, speak directly to your heart, you experience your magnitude, creativity, infinite potential and dare to spread your wings and fly.

About the Workshop -  
Stepping Into Your Power - A Life Changing Workshop
This powerful one day “experiential” workshop will provide you with the tools to:  Discover What You Want and Confidently Take the Actions Necessary To Achieve It.
You Will Learn Tools to:
Tame Fear
Eliminate Disempowering Beliefs
Make Decisions and follow them with action
Develop Outcome Frameworks
Control your emotions
Live your dreams

(It is recommended that your organization or group experience the “Untamed – Women of the New Millennium” presentation the night before the workshop).

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