Untamed Women Of The New Millennium
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“I see my role as a catalyst to reignite women's fire, creativity and passion, to wake them up, get them questioning and acting from their own answers. The comment I most often hear from my audiences is 'This was amazing. You need to take it to more women!' "
Sheridan Bushnell

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Women Of The New Millennium Speaker, Author, Poet
Sheridan Bushnell

What would be possible if you gave the wild, creative and passionate woman within you her voice?

If you felt free to speak and act from your heart?

If you felt your own inner strength
and were willing to step into it to transform your life?
To find out ... Book Sheridan Bushnell to present:
Untamed – Women of the New Millennium

“Thank you for your extraordinary presentation to the National Association of Women Business Owners’ Regional Conference. You captured the hearts and certainly the spirit of this powerful group of entrepreneurs. You inspired each of us to rise to our potential, intellectually, physically and spiritually. What a gift you have!”
- Wendy King, Vice President, The Financials, Chairwoman, Regional Conference, National Association of Women Business Owners, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Poetry from "Untamed - Women of the New Millennium," by Sheridan Bushnell
Poetry from
"Untamed - Women of the New Millennium,"
by Sheridan Bushnell
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Untamed Women Of The New Millennium

A powerful and entertaining presentation using story, humor and poetry performance to catalyze women to live, passionate, fulfilling lives.

Through poems such as: 
Cinderella’s Mother
Dear Victoria: Have I Got A Secret For You
Botticelli Belly
Goodbye Barbie

women become free of the cultural messages limiting and “taming” them. They are revitalized, confident, willing to dare…. to be strong, bold, courageous. They no longer “settle” for, but step fully into their power and commit to “creating” personal satisfaction and joy.

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Stepping Into Your Power Workshop

You were breathtaking. You spoke to me in a way I’d never been spoken to before, in a way I didn’t know I needed to be spoken to. You reached to the depth of my soul, awakening a spirit I thought was long dead and gone. Thanks for helping me to open my eyes to what can be…only if I dare…and I will dare." -Julia McIntosh, Wachovia Bank, Durham, NC


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What have Sheridan’s audiences been saying?

“I’ve never met anyone before or since who has had such a powerful impact on me.” - Lynda Lopez, NBC News Anchor, Washington, DC

Her presentation was one of the greatest successes I have known in eight years of hosting guest speakers in college.” - Talat Halman, Duke University


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